Organize your own online events to reach out to prospects.

Online events ate the perfect way to build your brand, engage your audience and convert leads into sales.

Global reach. No need to travel. Low cost.


Emerging tech industries are fast growing and global. To be successful and stay ahead of the competition you need to reach out to new clients, partners and investors FAST.

But visiting live events are very time and money consuming. Especially when those live events are very crowded and your only option to stand out from the competition is to be a sponsor.

Therefore, BizzTech offers you the most effective, fastest and low-cost way to reach out to new prospects. Enabling you to host your own online event.

Why host your own online event?

Online events are the perfect way to reach new prospects from anywhere in the world. No need to travel. And you can build your brand, engage your audience and drive leads for sales without the disturbing noise of competitors. Maximum attention for your sales pitch.

Last but not least. Online events are low cost and less time-consuming than attending live events.

Online Business Matchmaking Service for Live Events

BizzTech’s online business matchmaking service ensures that your attendees are matched with prospective leads and that their time at your event is well spent so that there will be no more wandering round conferences hoping to bump into the people who matter.

In fact, 80% of a meeting’s success depends on the preparation beforehand. Profiling, matching, meeting requests, agenda setting, location reserving, follow-ups and evaluation are all part of this simple process.

There will be no more “hoping to bump into the people who matter”. Meeting by choice not by chance.

How it works

  • BizzTech sets up your event at the platform
  • Set the rules for matching, location setting and scheduling
  • Send notifications to inform and activate your attendees
  • Get an additional option to sell banner spaces and InMails

BizzTech’s Online Business Matchmaking Service is an economic solution for all kind and sizes of live events.

Your own community and members

You can opt to build your own community on our platform. You can invite your target audience to become a member of your community. Event attendees become automatically a member. Non-members at our platform cannot see your members.

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